Tale of Epona

This is the world of the horse. Here Epona rules over the lands with a gentle manner. Everything thrives with life and joy...or so she thought. Wolfbane has risen and challenged Epona for the rule of this world.
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 Hey guys, these are the rules that I have made up.

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PostSubject: Hey guys, these are the rules that I have made up.   Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:46 am

For Non-Fantasy Stallions.
1. You must allow at least a day before breeding again with a mare.
2. Cannot force breed, unless you have asked the user of the mare via Private Message.
3. Each stallion can own one land, once I have given you permission to own it.
4. You may not kill another horse, or any other animal, unless you and the other use, who plays that certain animal, agree to.

Non-Fantasy Mares.
1. Allow a week to pass before breeding again, unless your mare is unfertile. (For those of you who don't know what unfertile means, that mare cannot get pregnant.)
2. Mares cannot, under ANY circumstances, own land. Unless you have prearranged it with me.
3. Your mares can fight, but like number 4 for the stallions, you HAVE to have permission from the other user before killing their creation.
4. You must allow one week, on our time, to pass before you gives birth. You may allow longer time if desired.

All Fantasy Creatures

1. No force breeding.
2. Cannot kill another, unless you and the user for the other fantasy creature agree.
3. Female Fantasy Creatures may own land. Just run it by me before claiming it to make sure it is still open.

Male Wolves.

1. No force breeding.
2. Same as two for fantasy creatures.
3. Can breed more than once in a day, but you have to allow one day to pass before breeding again.
4. Your wolves can own land once you have asked me and I have given approval of it.

Female Wolves.

1. You must obey your Alpha Male
2. Females cannot own land.
3. Females can fight, but ask permission of the other user before killing their creature.

******Main RULES*************************
2). Graphic breeding is allowed if desired. (some people just roll like that.)
3). Do not push other user's around. It will result with a warning then if you preceed to do it again. I will BAN you.
4). Cursing is allow, but only while roleplaying with an animal. You may curse while not role playing, only if you are being nice and not doing it to bring others down.
5). I will not tolerate with anyone that continues to push others around or use the site to be nasty. Nasty, in saying gross stuff in topics that you aren't even in. And just using my site randomly to goof off. That will result in immediate banning without warning.
6). You must reply to every topic with at least one paragraph. A paragraph is 3 to 4 sentences. It's not that hard.
Cool. If your creature is a Non-Fantasy animal, it CANNOT have ANY special powers, gifts, or abilites.
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Hey guys, these are the rules that I have made up.
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